Gotta Catch Us All!
What is this all about?

The History

Every year we reflect on the previous 365 days worth of life events and try to suss out patterns. What were the things that really influenced our family in 2016? The obvious answer was the game, Pokémon Go.

Miles discovered it and soon got the entire family hooked on it. The kids have been getting books, watching TV shows on Netflix, and asking constantly if they can play it. We eventually had to start a Pokémon schedule to handle the fighting and unbearable uncertainty. It made our Christmas Card theme simple: Rauschémon Go: Gotta Catch Us All.

How to Play

Four Rauschémon have spawned nearby. You can see them below.

Then What?

If you catch us all… I don't know. You win, I guess? Something like that. Look, what do you want from me? Just enjoy this little website I made.